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Thursday, September 11, 2014

On Being Stalked

I’ve been noticing something creepy and a bit George Orwell’s 1984 lately when I surf the net. It’s almost like being stalked.

So the other day, I googled a particular shoe I liked and found it at JC Penney. The price was good, but I decided to see if I could first find it at the store. A short time later when I opened my facebook page … bam! There was an advertisement for it from Penney. Now for the last couple of days almost any page I visit, I get bombarded by a picture of the shoe and the price from Penney. HELP! THEY’RE STALKING ME!

JC Penney isn’t the first instance of utilizing stalking techniques. I’ve noticed it from other business sites that I visit. Some are relentless at invading my computer. I suppose it’s a whole new marketing scheme, but I do find it creepy because they are capable of “watching” me. It’s kind of like a mosquito buzzing around your ear. As George Orwell put it … Big Brother is watching!!!

All the surveillance around us nowadays on one hand is probably for our own good. But I wonder where it will all lead. Guess I should revisit Mr. Orwell’s book 1984 and see the possibilities.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Lost Art

Recently, I received an email from a friend and something dawned on me. She addressed everything that I had mentioned or asked in the email that I had sent to her. I love that because I truly believe the person “listened” to what I had to say or ask in my email.

Some people’s email is just … me, me, me. They don’t answer anything you asked or comment on something exciting you reported. It’s just a report of what they are doing. It is a one sided conversation and most likely they are the same people who don’t listen when you are talking.

Remember actual letters? I find it fascinating to read old letters from past eras, especially from composers, authors, or important political figures. The writing is colorful and some might say – flowery. But they sounded so eloquent, personal and educated. The whole art of writing a letter might be long gone. An email is often short, cryptic and with the influence of texting more akin to something that needs a person skilled in deciphering … . lmao, lol!

I don’t text. To begin with, I find it awkward to type on those tiny little keyboards. I like a regular keyboard so I can stretch out and write a real sentence and paragraph. More importantly, I find it hard to express a feeling in a text. An email is at least closer to a real letter and one can articulate a sentiment more easily.

When I write an email, I still write as though I am writing an actual letter, something that was taught in elementary school. I use correct grammar and sentence structure. I choose my words carefully and write in an educated manner. Oh, and before pushing that send button, I proofread!!

So the next time you are constructing an email to a friend take a look at what you have composed. Would your grammar school teacher be proud of you? Oh wait, I’ve just dated myself with the term grammar school. For those of you younger, that is the same as elementary school. At any rate, happy writing!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Just found out that the blog platform that I have been using for about the last four years was sold. So I shopped around for a new blog site and went with blogger. I am tweaking my site look and have to change sites and info to show my new blog site.

I will be posting a new blog soon.  In the meantime, I do have good news to report. My short story, HOUND OF GOD, can be found in the new ultimate werewolf anthology by D. Alan Lewis and Dark Oak Press. There are two volumes. My story is in LUNA'S CHILDREN: FULL MOON MAYHEW.  It is available in 3 formats. Go here to pick up a copy.

Happy reading!!!